What's In the Voice

Event Specifications

    The event is similar to "hosting a radio show" . You can be the first RJ of our college . It’s mainly a fun and creative event
    The performance can contain - News, facts, jokes, pranks, advertisement, mimicry, singing etc. And you can add anything related to radio show
    *About the team* - The team would consist of 4 members
    *The event* - There are two level of competition :-
    *1st level - Selection round* (21st Feb) The participants will have the topic of there choice and have to plan and record there performance. Submission of the recordings will be on that day and all the recordings will be played during the Day session of the fest
    *2nd level - Final round* (22 Feb) Selected participants from the first round will be given a specific topic and have to perform on the topic live in front of the audience and the judges
    Interesting fact is no one can see you they can only hear your voice

Rules and Regulations

  • The participants have to give a unique name to there radio station.
  • Participants have to bring their own laptops .
  • If our team founds any type of vulgar or double meaning content the team would be directly disqualified.
  • Time Limit
    •25 to 30 min in first round. (Recording)
    •20 to 25 min in final round. (Live)
  • The contents to be used in the performance should not be copied .
  • There is language flexibility (i.e.Hindi or English) for the participants.
  • The collective decisions of the judges will be final. They will go according to the marking scheme ! Fair judgment will be taken
  • As you all know it's first live radio show happening in our college fest. So we expect maximum participants from your side.

Team Leaders / Members

Uma Yadav

BBA / 4th Sem.



Tushar Khubchandani

EEE / 6th Sem.



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