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Event Specifications

    Hence the scientific knowledge is put into practice to show its immense strength and potential to the world. This event encourages students to represent their working models and give the overview of it, along with its architecture and design.
    1. Working Models
    It deals with those models or their prototypes which significantly performs physical activities or have their own application based physical simulation.
    2. Non-Working Models
    It deals with those models or a basic layout of idea which has its application at a large/small scale. Basically these models are ideas which are presented in a simple model form.
    3. App Making.
    You can make app using any platform such as android or
    4. Poster Presentation.
    Poster deals with presentation on any budding ideas, solutions to problems, management in different field.
    Size of poster flex: 6 x 3 ft.
    Only online registration will be accepted. For registration visit Tech-lab events section in or through TechLab google registration form that will be available in your whatsapp group.

Rules and Regulations

    1. Maximum number of participants in a team is 4.
    2. For registration you will be provided with online Google form.
    3. At the time of registration, the teams will be provided with registration number which would be used for further reference.
    4. The participant’s presence is compulsory in front of the model during the assessments of the judges and is expected to answer their queries.
    5. The decision of judges will be treated as final.
    6. Accommodation will be provided only on prior information.
    7. All the participants must carry their identity cards.

Team Members

Prabhakar Kumar

Branch / Sem.

  +91 7970662066


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