Role PlaY

Rules and Regulations

    •The performance should be based on the theme of the event i.e;"Social Issues of India"
    •Maximum time limit for each performance is 15 minutes
    •The maximum size of a team is 15 members and the minimum size of a team is 8 members
    •A warning bell will be rung after 12 minutes
    •Usage of any vulgar or abusive language is strictly prohibited.On doing so the team will be disqualified immediately
    •The collective decisions of the judges will be final
    •Usage of any props like microphone,speakers,lights prohibited
    •The teams can use banners and posters
    Judging Criteria:
    •Creativity(10 marks)
    •Humour(10 marks)
    •Clarity of message(10 marks)
    •Script(10 marks)
    •Team work(10 marks)
    •Time management (10 marks)

Team Leaders / Members

Saurabh Agrawal

cse / 6th Sem.

  +91 (8120827767)


Naresh Rathore

bba / 4th Sem.

  +91 (8770742046)


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