Open MiC

Event Specifications

    1st round-
    The round will contain the performances of all the participants in given time limit . ( Top 10 will be selected)
    2nd round-
    Top 10 participants will perform in this round within the given time limit .( Top 5 will be selected)
    3rd round-
    Top 5 participants will perform in this round and the winner will be declared.

Rules and Regulations

    - Each Open Mic session will have a limited slots of three minutes each. A bell/buzzer will ring at the end of three minutes and the participants must leave the stage after the completion of time.
    - The Open Mic session will start with the judges performance.
    - participants must perform only their own writing.
    - The participations will only include a solo performance.
    - music will play in background and if required the participant may bring their own instruments to perform.
    - The performance may include poetry, life instances, life story, short tales, stories.
    - Foul language is prohibited and anything which hurts anyone.
    - The participant must be present at the venue 30 minutes before start time to register.
    - The participant will have to show the text of what they plan to perform to the event manager before 19th February 2019.
    U can send it to -
    - Slots will be provided on a first-come first-serve basis. If the time slot bookings get out of control , a lucky draw will be conducted to decide who will go on stage.

Judging Criteria

    1. presentation
    2. Way of speaking
    3. Tone
    4. Content
    5. Audience poll + judges point

Team Leaders / Members

Rishav Sinha

cse / 8th sem.

  +91 (9303245077)


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