Murder MysTery

Event Specifications

    Murder mystery is about an interesting on-campus murder story. We will have multiple participating teams & Leave clues tracing back to the murder on the campus. The clues will lead to witnesses (volunteers should be asked to role play) and the one who finds out the real murderer first wins! It will have a back story and leave clues all around the campus, along with dummies acting as dead bodies, and have some volunteers act as witnesses.

Rules and Regulations

    1. Teams will be in group of 5.
    2. Use of any mobile phone & equipment is prohibited.
    3. Two girls are compulsory in each group.
    4. Diffrent mystery for Diffrent finalist teams.
    5. Events will be of 4 rounds.
    1. Mic setup & equipments
    2. Stationary & printing
    3. Tent for judging panel
    4. Dummies
    5. Paint
    6. Flags & clues
    7. Flex.
    8. Tyres. (big size)
    9. Wooden log (10 peices)
    10. Drums(big sized)
    10. Miscellaneous - boxex, bottles etc.

Student Coordinators

Saurabh Agrawal

Branch / Sem.

  +91 9179633898


Ravi Rathore

Branch / Sem.

  +91 9406293504


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