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Event Specifications

    Round 1
  • Problems will be provided and participants and need to provide abstracts. The abstracts will undergo screening round and only the selected abstracts will be given a chance for presentation.
  • Round 2
  • This will be the final round where the selected teams will undergo presentation of their solutions and winners will be declared.

Rules and Regulations

Round 1

  • Problems to the participants will be provided till 14/02/2019.
  • Last date to submit the abstract of the paper of solution of problem will be 17/02/2019.
  • The maximum word limit for the abstract is 300 words.
  • Submit the soft copy of abstract via mail only Email ID before the last date.
  • All the abstracts should be in the prescribed format only (Format will be same as Techdox).
  • Participants are requested to mention the names of all the team members along with their contact numbers in the abstract.

Round 2

  • Maximum time for presentation is 15 to 20 minutes and 2 minutes for the question and answers.
  • Presentation should be in the form of ppt only.
  • The participants will be informed through mail by *18/02/2019* regarding the abstract selection. In case of selection the participants will be sent a confirmation mail.
  • All the participants presence is must at the time of presentation in the particular venue and they are expected to answer the questions as asked by the judges.
  • The decision of the judges shall be treated as final

Team Members

Abhishek Prajapati

  +91 8770457053


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