MasTer CheF

Event Specifications

    Day-1 Round-1 :-
    1- In this round, participants have to prepare the dish which they have mentioned in their form
    2- Participants have to bring all the ingredients, utensils and all the things required by them in the 1st round.
    3- Time limit will be 50 mins including presentation & preparing

    Day-2 Round-2
    1- Information regarding this round will be disclosed on day. Round-3 (final round)
    1- Dishes & the ingredients will be given to you on the spot.

Rules and Regulations

  • Mobile , Laptops are strictly prohibited
  • Spices needed to be brought by the participants for all round.
  • Cleanliness needed to be maintained all over the area.
  • Requirement of refrigerator, microwave/oven, mixer etc. need to be intimate us prior.

Event Heads / Managers

Tushar Nanda Mittal

bba / 4th Sem.

  +91 8234025083


Gurpreet Singh Ajamny

bba / 4th Sem.

  +91 9098333662


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