Junk Yard

Event Specifications

    A lever is just a rod as long as you don't use a fulcrum. One man`s trash is another man`s treasure. So, is everything else, just junk; as long as you don't put it to use the right way? It is said that an idea can change the world. In JUNKYARD each of you has to bring out the beauty in the beast. This event is all about searching for the ultimate hands on team with great design minds who can churn out anything from heaps of scrap. This is the test of skills and creativity of the participants. So if you have the skills then sharpen it and get ready to face the challenge of "junkyard!"

Event Structure

    Round 1. SMASH (Elimination Round):
    It will consist of a pen &paper test. Questions will consist of simple general aptitude, current affairs& general awareness. It will consist of about 40 Multiple choice questions. Time allotted for the round will be 10 minutes.
    Only one submission will be allowed per team.
    No modifications can be made once the answers are submitted.
    Top 20 teams will be selected for round 2.
    Round 2. EUREKA MOMENT (Qualification Round):
    In this, each team will be provided same junk .They will have to make innovative model based on their creativity.
    Time allotted will be 60 minutes.
    Each team must formulate their own ideas and designs.
    Plagiarism in any form shall lead to disqualification.
    Top 5 teams will be selected for final round.
    Evaluation Criteria:
    Models made in this round will be evaluated based on following criterion:-

    Ingenuity and creativity.
    Feasibility of the design.
    Participants technical knowledge about the model.
    Application to Society.
    Presentation Skill.
    Round 3. SALVATION (Final Round):(final round)
    The teams selected for the final round are required to fabricated a working model as per the given problem statement.

Rules and Regulations

  • Participation should be in team, each team consisting of exactly 5 members.
  • In first round,extra 2 marks will be given to the teams fulfilling any of the following criterion:
    • Teams containing both participant's boys and girls.
    • Teams having members from different semesters.
    • Teams having members from both School of Engg. & School of Management
    • (Note: In case, a team happens to satisfy all the criterion, then only one will be considered.)
  • To participate in this event, teams must register for the event on helpdesk. No onsite team formation will take place.
  • Construction equipment and materials will be given on site. However, teams are allowed to bring their own scissors, sketch pens, pens & pencils.
  • Problem statement or theme will be given on site.
  • For elimination, teams have to appear for test as single entity.
  • No change is team members will be allowed during event.
  • The teams have to complete the prescribed task in the given time, using only the materials provided.
  • Junkyard reserves the right to eliminate the participants in case of any misconduct.
  • In case of any discrepancies, decision of the judges shall be considered final and binding for all.
  • The rules indicated in the Event Structure section are applicable in addition to the above mentioned.
  • Violation of this rule may lead to immediate disqualification

Event Leaders / Members

Shrikant Panda

branch / Sem.

  +91 none


Tapas Mandal

Branch / Sem.

  +91 none


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