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    An online game is a video game that is either partially or primarily played through the Internet or any other computer network available. Online games are ubiquitous on modern gaming platforms, including PCs, consoles and mobile devices, and span many genres, including first-person shooters, strategy games and massively multiplayer online role-playing games. The eSports Arena is basically a place which provides a platform for conducting the team-based or individually played electronic games at National or International level. Our arena is a national level arena organised by O.P. Jindal University on its National level tech fest.


    Counter Strike Global Offensive

    1.The game
    • The game played will be Counter strike:Global offensive no steam version provided by the coordinators.
    • No other vversion of game will be allowed to play.
    • Players are may bring their laptop to play or it will be provided but must bring their own mouse,keyboard(if required), mouse pad and earphone/headphones.
    • Player will not be allowed to play without his/her headphones, it is compulsory to play with headphones on or the complete team will be disquallified for attempt to hear opponent teams callouts and speaker feed.
    • The arrangment will be such that the players will have no vision of the projection screen, still if a player is found screening during the game his/her team will be disquallified from the tournament.
    • Player found guilty of using any software, scripts, or any other mallisious program to improve his/her gameplay, the whole team will be disquallified from tournament and player will be banned from participating in lan gaming from next technorollix.
    • Each team must submit their 5 men squad list by the google form available in insta page of the event (@esports_arena_2018).
    • Each team should have a captain whose mobile no. must be provided in the list.
    • Each team must report ½ hour before their game, the time of match will be informed to team captain before hand by any coordinator.
    • Each team must have a team name and must be given along with their team member list, team logo may be made and provided before the event begins.
    • In case any team fails to report to their match will be treated as a lose for them.
    The mappool consist of the following three maps:
    • De_dust2
    • De_inferno
    • De_nuke
    • De_mirage
    • De_cache
    4.The Match
    • All matches will be BO1 map except the semi finals and finals.
    • Map will be decided by map veto by each teams captain.
    • Each game will be of 30 rounds and first team to win 16 will win the game.
    • Team will switch sides after 15 rounds.
    • 1st round of each side will start with $800 cash for each player.
    • All rules of official 5on5 competative mode match will be followed.
    • In case of a 15-15 score draw the game will go to a 6 round overtime with starting money of $10000.
    5.Regular Rounds
    • In case any player disconnects/server crashes/ or any other technical difficulties occurs the round will be restarted if this happens before the last 30 seconds of the round, however if more than 2 players disconnects the the round will restart regardless of the time.
    • Each team may take a timeout of 45 seconds by typing “pause” in chat during the freeze time of any round,the pause wont be considered if the team fails to type “pause” in chat during the freeze time.
    • Each team may take only 2 timeout, 1 in each half of the game.
    6.Unfair Play
    • In case any player is abusive either in chat or verbally will be given a warning and on the second occasion banned from the server and the team has to play with 4 members or left members for the rest of the game/match.
    • Howerver in case of apology by the player he may or may not be allowed to continue the tournament with his team or else the team will play with only left members to continue in the tournament.

    FIFA 18

    • The gameplay will be 1 vs 1.
    • All the players must play in manual settings.
    • Console or Remote Controller if required then should be brought by the players.
    • No peripherals will be provided by the event organisers
    • Players are not allowed to plug any devices other than controllers.
    • PS4, X-Box or Laptop will be provided by the event organiser with preinstalled game on it.
    • The gameplay will on SPEAKER MODE i.e., no earphones or headphones will be provided.
    • Every player will give 2 chances to pause the gameplay (strictly not in climax stage) if required in each game for changing tactics.
    • Players will be allotted 5 minutes before the set of game of for changing the controls according to their ease afterwards no changes are allowed.
    • In case of failure of machine or power surge the match will be played again from starting. • Initial rounds will be EXHIBITION MATCH.
    • Best of 3 rounds will be played for SEMI FINAL ROUNDS which will be of 1 INTERNATIONAL TEAM MATCH and 2 rounds of LEAGUE TEAM MATCH.
    • If there is clash between the opponents for the SAME TEAM while selecting then a coin toss will be done.
    • Both the players can’t opt same team for the game.
    • 6 minutes (real world time) for the matches up to SEMI FINALS ROUNDS.
    • 8 minutes (real world time) for the matches of FINAL ROUND.
    • Only 3 players can be substituted throughout the set the matches.
    • NIGHT condition match will be played as considering equal vision throughout the ground. • Weather condition will be clear.
    • Players aren’t allowed to alter the ability of individual footballer in the game (stamina, tactics etc.).
    • Custom squad creation isn’t allowed.
    • In case of DRAW classic mode tie breaker of 2 minutes i.e., two halves of 15 minutes in game will be provided.
    • In case of AGAIN DRAW classic mode, penalty tie breaker will be provided until outcome.
    • All the other rules will be as Federation Internationale de Football Association.
    • Players receiving coaching from audience or any other means during the game will be disqualified.
    • Players using abusive language will be disqualified and banned for forever.
    • Players not following the rules will be disqualified.

    Clash Royale

    • No hacked game application is allowed.
    • Every participant should use their own Clash Royale ID.
    • Players are not allowed to share their game ID’s.
    • Use of emoticons and BM (Bad Manners) are allowed.
    • There will be three rounds.
    • Round one will be best of three matches that can be played with a single deck only.
    • Round one will have of different sub-rounds until 8 quarter finalists are qualified.
    • Round two(Quarter-Final) will also be best of three matches but player should use at least two decks with minimum three different cards.
    • Round three (Semi-Final) will be BAN round, where both players will ban a card which will not be played in the entire game. This round will also be of best of three matches.
    • Round Four (Final) will be of best of five matches which will be played with at least two decks with minimum three different cards.
    • Players should maintain the dignity of the arena.
    • Player should play fairly otherwise he/she will be disqualified.
    • If internet connection is interrupted while playing a match then a rematch will be introduced but player should inform immediately about the internet connection interruption. • Every player should bring their own smartphone and should have internet connection to play the game.
    • Players are required to join a new clan for the event.
    • In case of draw/tie rematch will be introduced.
    • In case of false call of internet connection error player will be disqualified immediately.
    • After first internet connection error, it is responsibility of the player to arrange the good internet connection as it is mandatory for every player to bring their own smartphone along with internet connection.
    • If the player is unable to arrange good internet connection after the connection error or lagging of game within 5-6 minutes then player will be disqualified.
    • Every player should provide their mobile number (at least two mobile number) at the time of registration for connect.

    PUBG MOBILE-Players Unknown Battleground

    • All players are advised to install PUBG MOBILE from google play store which should be verified by PLAY PROTECT by google.
    • Players should not use any external or third-party software for enhancing their gameplay.
    • This will squad tournament.
    • Team can of 4 mobile players or 3 mobile players and 1 emulator player.
    • Once registered their will be no substitution of team members.
    • Result will be evaluated according to the points gained by the team.
    • All players must be physically present at the venue
    • There will three rounds, QUALIFYING, SEMI-FINALS and FINALS.
    • Qualifying round will be of 2 matches or more.
    • Semi-Finals and Finals will be of 3-4 matches or more.
    • Every player has to wear earphones or headphones compulsory.
    • Player are advised not peak on others teams’ devices and shouldn’t spy on others.
    • Players found to be teaming up will be disqualified.
    • If players are unable to form a team they can play in TRIO, DUO or SOLO against other registered squads.
    • From Qualifying round top 10 team will selected.
    • From Semi-Final Round top 5 team will be selected.
    • From Final round top 2 team will be eligible for prize.
    • Players who has qualified to final round and with the greatest number of kills will also be awarded.
    • In case of power surge or failure, player will be responsible.
    • In case of network issue also player will be responsible.
    • In case of multiple experience of network failure, the game will be restarted only for Semi-final round and Final round.
    • If player is found to be hacking or cheating then the whole team will be disqualified.
    • Players using abusive language while playing aren’t welcome in the tournament.
    • Every player should bring their own smartphone and should have internet connection to play the game.
    • Every player should bring their own laptop and should have internet connection to play the game (for emulator player only).
    • Emulator player should play from TENCCENT GAMING BUDDY ONLY.
    • Players are required to join the room for the tournament will be told you on the spot.
    • Registered players are only allowed to play.
    • Mobile players are not allowed to use any kind of trigger buttons or Bluetooth game controller.

Student Coordinators

Sachin Sahu

civil / 8th Sem.

  +91 8109188026


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