Name of the event - *DJ HUNT , UNLEASH THE DJ IN YOU*
There are three level of competition :- 1st level - *SCREENING ROUND (19th feb'19)* The participants will have to show the demo of their work along with their Dj name.
2nd level - *PERFORMANCE ROUND (20th feb'19)* Selected participants from the first round will have to perform in front of the audience . And Genre of the songs will be provided to participants by the coordinators few hours before the event.
3rd level- *FINAL ROUND (21st feb'19 )* Selected participants from the second round have to perform in front of the audience in *GRAND-E-ROLLIX* , Genre of the songs will be again provided by our coordinators few hours before the event.

Rules & Regulations

  • Participants have to bring their own laptops and dj software / console if possible.
  • If our team finds out that your track is copied from somewhere then you will be disqualified from the event directly.
  • Time Limit for 1st round i.e Screening round is 2 mins.
  • Time limit for 2nd round i.e Performance round is 7 mins - 10 mins.
  • Genre will be provided by our team.
  • Dj name should be based on the participant's name. And your Dj name should be mentioned in your track which you will show to us in all the rounds. For ex- participant name - rocky So dj name will be - dj rocky And it should be in your track.
  • As you all know it's first time this type of unique event is happening in our fest. So we expect maximum participants from your side.

Team Leaders / Members

Palak Agrawal

BBA / 6th Sem.

  +91 9174240991


Ayush Dewangan

CSE / 6th Sem.

  +91 9770694487


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