Yuva Sabha

Rules & Regulations

    • Courtesy must be shown to all other participating members at all times. There should be no use of foul language, personal enmity or physical contact against each other. There should decency in the behaviour of each and every participating member and must ensure that professionalism is maintained at all times.
    • The debate will be taken charge by a Speaker who will moderate the debate.
    • Each team must comprise of 3 members and must have a leader: Prime Minister for the Government team and Leader of Opposition for the Opposition team.
    • All remarks must be addressed to the Speaker of the House and not to anyone else. The Members must address Mr. Speaker in his/her first sentence.
    • The Government team (the side in favour) shall sit on the right hand side of the Speaker. The Opposition (the side against) shall sit on the left.
    • The speaking order will be as follows: the Prime Minister, followed by the first Opposition Member then the discussion. Finally the Prime Minister will deliver the Government rebuttal.
    • During the rebuttal, Members (debaters) may not bring up any new arguments or new evidence except in direct rejection of material which has already been presented.
    • Members will speak only when called upon by the Speaker. There is to be no heckling. There will be no Points of Order or Points of Personal Privilege raised.
    • Points of Information are raised while another Member has the floor (i.e. is speaking).
    • If the speaker refuses the point, the Member raising the Point of Information (POI) must sit down. Otherwise, they should deliver their point as succinctly as possible (in less than 15 seconds). Often, the point is phrased as a question. All speakers should attempt to both deliver at least one POI and to accept one POI during the course of the debate.
    • The first and last minute of each constructive speech is considered protected time during which no POIs can be made. In addition, no POIs may be made during the Prime Minister’s final rebuttal or during the last three minutes of the Leader of the Opposition’s speech (also considered rebuttal time).

Event Procedure / Schedule

  • Preliminary Round - Elimination Round
    21st Feb,2019 1:00 pm
    Top 10 teams move to the final round
    Debate Speaking Sequence:
    Prime Minister’s Speech 2min
    Leader of Opposition’s Speech 2min
    Debate 4min
    Government Rebuttal 1min
  • Final Round - Elimination Round for 10 teams who have qualified in the Preliminary Round.
    22nd Feb, 2019 1:00pm onwards
    Debate Speaking Sequence:
    Prime Minister’s Speech 3min
    Leader of Opposition’s Speech 3min
    Debate 5min
    Government Rebuttal 1min
  • Topic Distribution for Preliminary Round: 20th Feb, 2019 at Babuji Chowk 2pm onwards
  • Topic Distribution for Final Round: 21st Feb, 2019 at Babuji Chowk 2pm onwards

Team Leaders / Members

Vikas Mishra

META / 8th Sem.

  +91 8359964839


Aditya Raj Nair

BBA / 4th Sem.

  +91 8317381034


Navin Sharma

civil / 4th Sem.

  +91 8819999271


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